The love for dogs has definitely been transmitted to me by my family, who have never stood in the way of my passion for all animals. In fact, from the dogs to the cats to the horses, and to top it all, the cow! It's one crazy family! It all started back in 1986 when we were struck by the beauty and elegance of the Siberian Husky, a love for us all, and so it was that our first dog arrived, a bitch named Kala Du Loup Polaire. And it all began.

In 1989 the affix DEL WHYMPER DELLE G. JORASSES was recognized by the FCI , years of toil and fatigue, trying to understand the secrets of the then great breeders, listening to their discussions and documenting ourselves about various blood lines, genetic sicknesses and the different breeding that the “GURU“ of the cinofilia talked about. It was all to learn !!!!

In 1988 my first malamute arrived, Multi CH MY SWEET WOLFCHORUS SYMPHONIE, known as "Puppy". I owe so much to that splendid friend of mine. It was thanks to her that the Grandes Jorasses Kennels got known, she was one of the most titled of those times. Then the others took off, from the Siberian Huskies Multi CH ICE AND FIRE OF BAKER LAKE, Multi CH MISSMAGO’ DEL WHYMPER DELLE G.JORASSES, the brothers Multi CH OBIONEKENOBY & ONEWAYOUT DEL WHYMPER DELLE G.JORASSES to Multi CH SNOWMIST’S I AM CANADIAN and his son CH REGGAENIGHTS DEL WHYMPER DELLE G.JORASSES. As for the malamutes, from Multi CH STORMY MONDAY’S MASTER BLASTER JAMMING, CH COLD VALLEY’S VINTAGE 97 to Multi CH GHOSTINTHEMACHINE DEL WHYMPER DELLE G.JORASSES and his brother Multi CH GIVE A LITTLE BIT, who lives in Czech Republic and many more.

Those have been my “nordic years of life”, years that I still live with along with the dogs but with definitely less dedication, above all the huskies from whom I have decide to take a “time out” for a while .

How my first Aussie arrived , I’m not sure exactly, but they are definitely my greatest passion and love. I think it was in 1996 when I saw the first Australian Shepherd imported from USA to Italy, love at first sight, and I discovered myself shepherdess in heart and soul ( though the nordic blood still runs in my veins). In 1999 my first Aussie arrived, CH BAYSHORE’S OBAN imported from USA , and shortly after in 2000 another Bayshore arrived, CH BAYSHORE’S AMERICAN PIE and always from USA, thanks to the interest of my friend Richard, Multi CH PROPWASH NORTHERN DANCER “Andy” ( known fondly as Ciccio or Barone) arrived, a very special dog to whom everything is permitted due to becoming European Champion in 2003!! So began from 2000 a long list of amazing Aussies, impossible to name all, but you can find them reading and browsing this site. There are so many, and I’m very proud of them all !!!

And so here we are. It’s difficult to account for 20 years of passion for dogs in a few lines and it's sad not to be able to mention all the faithful friends that have accompanied us in this journey, but we can introduce you to those who are traveling by our side at this moment!

I thank all the four legged friends who have made the history of “Grandes Jorasses” and those who continue to make it, and their owners who dedicate themselves to them with great passion, our friends and all the judges that appreciate our dogs during these show years.
And now, with the house invaded by Aussies (with the excuse that they are all well behaved and all get along!), I bid my farewell and hope you have fun visiting our site.

Until soon,

Gabriella and the whole family of Grandes Jorasses

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